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The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University
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Add.: 2, Fuxue Alley, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, RPC

Tel.: 0086-577-88069292

The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (also called the First Provincial Wenzhou Hospital of Zhejiang) is a first-class Zhejiang provincial tertiary general hospital in and the First Clinical Medical College of Wenzhou Medical University. Its history dates back to Ouhai Hospital, the first hospital established by Chinese people in Wenzhou in 1919. Thanks to generations’ hard work and unremitting efforts, the Hospital has become a general hospital with high reputation, shouldering the responsibility of medical treatment, teaching, research, health care and prophylaxis and undertaking the task of health care and serious illness treatment for more than 20 million people in southern Zhejiang Province and eastern Fujian Province. In 2010, the number of the Hospital’s outpatients and emergency patients was 2.197 million, and 51,000 patients were discharged from hospital and 27,000 surgeries were operated. A new branch of the Hospital has been constructed in Shangcai Village, Nanbaixiang Residential District, where the transportation is convenient for it is only 100 meters away from the Wenzhou South exists of Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway. It is near the Sanyang Wetland which is known as “the Green Lung of Wenzhou City”, where the environment is beautiful and the air is fresh. The total investment of the Branch is 2.3 billion yuan, and its total land area is 33.37 hectares, of which the building area is 355 thousand square meters. Three-three hundred hospital beds have been established in the Hospital, and the number of its daily outpatients is expected to be 20,000. The magnificent Outpatient Service and Medical Technology Building, the main part of the new Branch, is the largest single medical building in Asia.

The Hospital has more than 3,800 staff members in the post, including 151 chief physicians, 237 associate chief physicians, 10 Ph.D. supervisors and 138 graduate student advisors. The number of the Hospital’s approved hospital beds is 1,600, yet more than 1,600 beds are in use in it. The Hospital is equipped with all needed departments and sections, including 53 clinical treatment centers and departments, 8 medical laboratories, 1 medical institute, 1 surgical experiment center and 1 internal medical experiment center. The Hospital’s total fixed assets of medical facilities in use are worth 350 million yuan, including high-speed spiral CT machines, 3.0T high-field superconductivity magnetic resonance machines, linear accelerators, ECT machines, tablet angiography X-ray machines, digital X-ray scan systems (DR), Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus of different famous Euramerican brands, VISX ophthalmology excimer laser therapy apparatus, surgical navigation system and radiotherapy planning system and multi-leaf collimators.

The Hospital sticks to the aim that “everything is done for the sake of the people’s health” and tries to make itself a brand name of its kind, its departments distinctive and its staff members specialized. The Hospital attaches great importance to talents and technology, and “Renown Departments” are built and prestigious physicians are trained to keep the Hospital prosperous. All the physicians of the Hospital are of noble medical ethics and with excellent medical skills, and its disciplines are well constructed, so the Hospital’s technical skills rank a leading level in China. Based on its clinical medical treatment centers, the Hospital makes full use of the advantages of integrating disciplines to improve its scientific research level and clinical treatment level. The Hospital has developed its distinctiveness in treatment and research, and new medical skills and projects keep emerging. The Hospital’s Reproductive Medical Center, one of the first China’s national-approved human assisted reproductive mechanisms, is equipped with advanced techniques, attracting patients all over the world. More than 2000 IVF/ICSI cases were fulfilled in 2010, and the clinical success rate reaches 50%, topping the list in China.

The First Clinical Medical College of Wenzhou Medical University undertakes the task of teaching guidance for 23 clinical teaching bases. It consists of Clinical Medicine Science, Medical Imageology and Clinical Medicine Science leading students with the Diploma of Junior College to obtain the Undergraduate Diploma. The Clinical Medicine Science is one of China’s first-class national disciplines with characteristics and one of the key disciplines in Zhejiang Province. The Hospital offers 3 Ph.D. programs, 18 Master’s degree programs for clinical medicine, and has 23 secondary discipline teaching and research offices and 1 clinical skill training center. The number of full-time undergraduates in the College is more than 2,000, and the number of its students who get Doctor’s or Master’s degree each year is more than 500. Twelve specialist training bases and 6 endoscopic technique training bases attached to the Ministry of Health of China have been established in the College. More than 20 national or provincial medical continuing educational programs are hosted in the College each year, and nearly 2,000 people participate in these programs. In recent 5 years, more than 30 teaching research and reform projects have been established by the Province or the University, some of which were awarded “Zhejiang Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievement”. The Hospital attaches importance to its discipline construction, so its research is fruitful. Surgery is its top priority discipline and Internal Medicine is the key discipline of universities in Zhejiang Province. Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive Endocrinology) and General Surgery (stomach, spleen and pancreas disease) are key Zhejiang provincial medical disciplines. The Hospital has set up 6 key Zhejiang provincial medical propped disciplines and provincial universities strongly propped disciplines, 2 key Zhejiang provincial specialties for the traditional Chinese medicine, 1 Zhejiang provincial model department for the traditional Chinese medicine and 1 key Zhejiang provincial laboratory for the traditional Chinese medicine.

The Hospital has been awarded “National Reliable Model Hospital”, “National Model Home for Staff”, “National Outstanding Youth Civilization”, “National Outstanding Unit for Hospital Culture Construction”, “National Model Post of Female Staff’s Achievements”, “National Women Pace-setter Group”, “National Red Youth League”, “Zhejiang Provincial Model Hospital”, “Advanced Unit for Wenchuan Earthquake Rescue of Zhejiang Provincial Sanitary System”, “Zhejiang Provincial Advanced Party Organization for Combating SARS” and “Zhejiang Provincial Model Unit for Establishing Learning Organization”. Prof. Zhang Qiyu was awarded “Advanced Worker for Combating SARS of National Sanitary System”, “National Advanced Worker” and “Zhejiang Provincial Excellent Hospital Dean”. Prof. Li Zhiyuan and Yu Kang were awarded “Chinese Physician Award”. Pharmacist Zhang Xiuhua was awarded “Outstanding Pharmacist Award of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association”. Prof. Chen Yongping was awarded “Advanced Individual of National Sanitary System” and Prof. Shao Bei was awarded “Model Worker of Zhejiang Province”.

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