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People Electrical Appliance Group
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People Electrical Appliance Group, established since 1996, is a Top 500 enterprise in China. People Electrical Appliance Group, centering on industrial electrical equipment, engages in a variety of fields including shipbuilding, infrastructure energy resources, urban construction, modern logistics, international trade, finance and investment, electronics and information industry, shipbuilding, hydropower development, etc. It boosts four major manufacturing centers in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Hubeiand and 12 wholly invested subsidiaries, 85 member enterprises with share participation, over 800 partner processing enterprises, and more than 3,000 sales companies. Its products, marketable in over 50 countries and regions, are also used by a lot of major projects in China including Pudong International Airport, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway the Three Gorges Project, Beijing Subway, Olympic Stadiums, the Project of Transferring Water from South China to North China, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Chang E Satellite, and Vietnam Thai An Hydro power plant project etc. The group is one of the largest enterprises in China’s electrical appliance industry in terms of production and sales. It is also ranking among the top in world top 500 machinery producers. People Electrical Appliance is now the top one valuable brand in China industry and Electric field. The brand value is up to RMB 9,235,000,000 according to the World Brand Lab.


Zhejiang People Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of high and low tension components, explosion-proof electrical appliances, apparatuses and instrumentation, construction electrical appliances, electric welders, and other electrical products. The company, with a size of over 2,800 employees, provides products of over 40 categories and more than 8,000 specifications. It has taken a lead in the industry in passing the major certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001.

The products have been certified by CCC, CE, UL in US, KEMA in UK etc. and have received such glories including Well-known Trademark in China, Brand Product in China, National Quality Award of China and so on, Company has post-doctoral scientific research center and the company’s glories including High- and New-Tech Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Three-Star Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Top 100 Enterprises in China’s Electrical Industry, Key Enterprise in Zhejiang Province for the “5-One” Project etc., and several projects awarded national prize for progress in science and technology, listed in 863 plan, important project of Torch Program.

High voltage and extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation

Jiangxi People Power Transmission and Transformation Co., Ltd. located in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, is a high voltage transformer manufacturing center with world leading technology in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of over 66.7 hectares ,as invested by People Electrical Appliance Group with RMB 1,800,000,000. the yearly output value is 2 billion RMB,which is ome of key enterprises of national power equipments.

The company develops and produces 500kv and below power transformer,dry tupe transformer,arnorphous metal transformer and box-type substation,330kv and below special transformer.The products are widely used in atate grid, transportation,urban construction,petrovhemical industry,metallurgical industry and other important projects. The products, with all indices meeting international standards, are characteristic of high capabilities of resisting short circuit, small loss, low noise, limited emission, low temperature rise, and leakage-free.

Assembly, wire, and cable

People Electrical Appliance Shanghai Co., Ltd., situated in Jiading District, Shanghai, is an important window of People Electrical Appliance Group in Shanghai. Its industrial park has a site area of over 200-mu. The company is appraised the Enterprise Honoring Contract and Credit Standing in China and the Enterprise Exempted from Industrial and Commercial Inspection in China. It has been appraised the AAA Enterprise of Credit Standing for 3 consecutive years.The company was entitled the Major Enterprise in Shanghai. It is a Top 10 Enterprises in Terms of Tax Payment in Jiading District, Shanghai. The company engages in development, manufacture, and distribution of high-tech, intelligent, and environment-friendly high- and low-voltage electrical equipment assemblies and wire and cable products of 110KV and below.

The company has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, as well as CCC. The series wire and cable products are entitled the National Product Exempted from Inspection. The products are popular in 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China and being exported to regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Medium voltage power transmission and transformation

People Electrical Appliance Group Jiangxi Power Transformation Equipment Co., Ltd., reorganized from Jiangxi Power Transformation Equipment Co., Ltd., Located in Huzhou, Jiangxi Province. The company is a key enterprise for power transformers, high voltage mutual inductors, box transformer substations, and other power transformation equipment as designated by State Power Corporation and the former Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. The company, with over forty years’ history, is an integrated enterprise capable of independent design, development, and production.

The company engages in manufacture of high- and new-tech products including dry-type transformers below 110KV, oil-immersed transformers, box transformer substations, high voltage mutual inductors, and metering devices. The products boost 35 series and over 1,500 specifications. The transformer and box transformer substations products have received such glories including the Brand Product in China, Key New Product in Jiangxi Province and china.

While the company is already certified by ISO9001 quality system, the products are adopted by a lot of major state-level projects including Beijing Olympic Venue, Nanjing Lukou Airport, the Olympic Stadium in Qinhuangdao etc. and are exported to countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, US and so on.

Non-ferrous metals

Jiangxi People Copper Industry Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive copper materials processing enterprise, a subsidiary company established by People Ele. Appliance Group China. It mainly specialized in producing copper busbar (copper platoon), electromagnetic wire, flat type copper wire, varnished wire, copper-clad aluminum conductor, conducting bar, contact tube and high purity anaerobic brazing (Φ8mm、Φ3.0mm busbar) applied in electric components, cables and wires, transformers and electromagnetic coils.
The company is located in Congren County Industry Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province with a land of 275 Mu (about 183,333 sq. meters) areas and a total investment of 120 million RMB. Standard manufacturing factory of 59,700 sq meters built in the first phase is the leading domestic level, completely closed, fully air conditioned, with constant temperature and humidity, clean and pure.
A team with high technical force and professional competence has been set up preliminary. There are 120 staffs in the company,which including 24 administrative staffs, 49 persons with college educational attainments and secondary school educational attainments and 5 senior engineers. The company is tremendous technicalized with 16 sets of main equipments, including furnace, continuous extruding machine, hydraulic drawbench, duo mill and seven-mould water tank wire-drawing machine. The company is in capacity of producing 20000 tons of copper drawing stock for electrical purpose and 8000 tons of copper busbar and copper rod.
The company is endowed with promising future and is richly endowed by nature in good manufacture environment, advanced management concept, first class manufacturing equipments and strong market net of People Ele. Appliance Group. The company aims to make elaborate copper materials for the customers with high standard with our enterprise tenet PEOPLE ELECTRIC, SERVERS FOR PEOPLE.

Capital operation

Zhejiang People Investment Co., Ltd. deals investment and construction of high- and new-tech programs, pubic utilities and infrastructure, shipbuilding, mining, medical treatment and sanitation, bioengineering, culture and education, water conservation and hydropower, logistics and warehousing, port and harbor, marketing, real estate etc. Experienced in capital operation, the company has achieved a lot of fruitful results. The breakthrough by People Electrical Appliance in its pluralized development marks the transformation from production operation to capital operation.

Real estate development

Zhejiang People Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. focuses on real estate development and construction, distribution of commercial housing, and real property management. It also deals with consulting service for real estate, building material trade and so on. The company, experienced in real estate development and construction, is provided with a skillful, professional workteam and has recruited abundant talents and senior experts in real estate development. Its projects under operation now include Shengda Garden, Jiaxing, SOHU Town, Hubei, Renmin Road, Hubei, and so on.

International business

Hebei Handan International Trade City is one of the masterpieces of the real estate projects undertaken by People Electrical Appliance Group, consisting of four towns, one zone, one hall, and one center. It boosts the largest citizen’s square and exibition center in Hebei Province. Located in the boundary of four provinces including Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan, this project is no more than two hours away from Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, and capitals of the four provinces by ride. Invested with RMB 5,000,000,000, the project has a site area of 1,277-mu and the floor area of over 1,000,000 m2. It is expected the project is completed by December 2008. It has the influence on the entire north China and central China.The project will promote economic development in Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan Provinces, and will benefit a population of 300,000,000. Providing 20,000 employment opportunities, it is a key project and No. 1 project in Handan City and Hebei Province.

Hydropower Development

Zhejiang People Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. engages in development of hydrological resources, investment in hydropower generation, and research and development, installation, and commissioning of power transmission and transformation equipment.

The company plays an active role in market competition and continues optimizing investment structure. It has investment projects in over ten provinces and municipalities including Yunnan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and so on, thus becoming a key force for promoting regional economic development and accelerating development of hydropower. Leying Hydropower Station, Sichuan, as invested and built by People Electrical Appliance Group, has made records in China in terms of economic efficiency in hydropower project, construction quality, and project progress. Upon connecting to the grid, the project assures central and western China of environment-friendly, safe, highly efficient, power supply.

Global view, international operation. The company implements the strategy of "going outside" vigorously. In 2007, it signed the largest hydropower project in Vietnam Tai’an Hydropower Station.The station completed and put into operation in 2010.Thus it became the first privately operated Chinese enterprise as a general contractor for international development of hydropower project.

International Trade

People Electrical Appliance Import and Export Co., Ltd. is an international trading enterprise approved by state authorities of industry and commerce and provided with the rights of independent import and export. It deals with import and export business of high and low voltage electrical appliances and mechanical and electrical equipment. The company, based on Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, focuses on international trade. With more than 800 member enterprises under People Electrical Appliance Group as the core, it plays an active role in international trade and cooperation and improves brand image constantly. The company has established extensive economic and trade relationships with such regions and countries like Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia etc. by flexible modes of business operation including self-support, affiliation, proxy etc. The company boosts Shanghai Office, Vietnam Office, Middle East Office, Hong Kong Trade Company, France Marketing Center, North America Sales Company, as well as more than 60 customer resources center worldwide. The volume of import and export is growing by leaps and bounds for years.


People Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional ship-building compary.It`s manufacturing base is located in harbour district of yueqing bay with 135 hectare area.It owns over 2000meters of coastline,an ocean profect dock,a building dock of 100-thousand-ton-ship,two building slip of 50-thousand-ton-ship,a repair dock of 100-thousand-ton-ship,related anxiliary facilities of yard and stock ground.It can build large ship and oceanogrdphic engineering products.The total investment of fixed assets of the company is 2.5 billion RMB,and its output value yearly is 5.2 billion RMB.
People Heany Industry Co., Ltd is dedicated in developing enterprise through science and technology, and creating international fist-rate ship-building company, owning scientific structural layout and strong technical strength. It strictly excute the requirements of CCS Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000), Environmental Management System(ISO14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Administration System(OHSAS18001) from the raw materials incoming test to product designing, from process compiling to products making. Large digital control equipments introduced from Japan and German promote precision management in order to guarantee the advanced product performance and stable reliable quality.
People Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is working hard to build world class ships to the world by the spirit of unity, struggling, exploiting, innovation and the service theory of People Heavy Industry Serve for people, through precise cultivating People Brand and upgrading the inner management level only by improving.

Modern Logistics

People Electrical Appliance Group Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern service industry enterprise engaging in third party logistics services, provided with Wenzhou Logistics Bases and Hubei Logistics Center, Shanghai Logistics Center, Ningbo Logistics Center, Hangzhou Logistics Center, and Hebei Xingang Logistics Center. Honoring the tenet “People Electrical Appliance serving the people”, the company provides integrated logistics and transportation services by means of highway, railway, waterway, and air transport thanks to its widespread distribution network and logistics information technology as well as such services including warehousing, preparation, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, processing, purchase and distribution, warehouse receipt hypothecation, international agency, logistics consulting etc. The company also assures customers of a lot of modern, comprehensive services including full-course escort, full-course follow up, settlement of claims in full, etc.

New Energy Development

People Electric Appliance New Energy Development Co.,Ltd. whose major businesses include exploitation, mining, melting, and distribution of non-ferrous metals and rare metals such as copper, molybdenum etc. The company exploits copper and molybdenum mines and carries out flotation and deep processing. It is equipped with a concentrating mill with 150-ton daily processing capacity. The annual capacity stands at 120,000 tons. The concentrate grade of copper core upon processing is about 23% and that of molybdenum ore is about 45%. The products are popular across China and are being exported to over 10 countries and regions.

In recent years, the energy industry of Renmin Electrical Appliances Group is developing toward the industry orientation of security, cleanliness, environmental protection and high efficiency such as rare earth alloy, PV wind energy, silicon titanium exploitation and etc., which has explored a successful road for the development toward the field of high-tech energy and laid a foundation for realizing sustainable development.

Energy Sources Development

Henan Central Part Headquarters Base Investment Co., Ltd. is a giant project jointly established by Renmin Electrical Appliances Group and Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Henan in the important city of Central Plains --- Zhengzhou City of Henan Province. Taking a land area of 15000Mu, the project aims at building a central part headquarters economic base that integrates scientific research financial service, electronic commerce, software development, modern logistics, modern service, ecological agriculture, biological pharmacy, industrial manufacturing and urban housing. The preparations of the project have been completed and the infrastructure facilities are under construction. A modern new urban area is emerging on the land of Central Plains.

Hubei Headquarters Economic Investment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech incubation industrial zone invested and established by Renmin Electrical Appliances Group in Wuhan of Hubei reputed as the important city connecting 9 provinces. Taking a land area of 1200Mu, it includes five blocks. The company gathers five essences such as talents, economy, information, technology and market in the world and builds auxiliary offices and facilities for life and recreation to attract world famous enterprises to gather here. The compary will recruit talents all over the world, encourage university graduates to start business here and build it into a first class manufacturing center, finance center, trade center, logistics center, technical research and development center and high-tech industry incubator base in Central China.

Power for metallurgy

Hubei People Power Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing center in central China as established by People Electrical Appliance Group, situated in Dawu County, Hubei Province, an old revolutionary area. The first phase investment is RMB 200,000,000. The company engages in processing of power generation, power supply and metallurgical equipments, manufacture of high and low voltage apparatuses, cables and wires, and transformers, distribution, and exploitation of mineral resources.

Hubei People Power Co., Ltd., based on Hubei and facing the whole country, meets the market demands in central China in terms of high and low voltage electrical appliances, wires and cables, and transformers. It is significant in promoting local industrialization and urbanization and economic development of the old revolutionary area. Focusing on industrial electrical equipment, the company takes advantage of abundant local hydrological and mineral resources for power generation, mineral resources exploitation, and metallurgical product deep processing. It has become a pluralized industrial center of People Electrical Appliance Group in central China.

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