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DongTou Island
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Located at the southeast of the mouth of Oujiang River, Dongtou is one of the fourteen island counties (or cities or districts) in China, 68 kilometers away from Wenzhou City. Composed by 168 islands, it looks like a string of splendid pearls embedded on the vast East China Sea, which increases the beauty of the costal city. Dongtou district enjoys the titles of “district of a hundred islands” and “bright pearl of east sea”, and covers an area of 892.3 square kilometers, in which the land area reaches 119.9 square kilometers. The total population of the district is 127,000, including 4 sub-district offices, 1 town and 1 village.

Not only is Dongtou a key scenic spot and one of the fifty most worthy tourist destinations in Zhejiang Province, but also an exclusive national AAAA tourist attraction which is titled with the name of the district in China, national sea fishing base, one of China's top ten photography landscape favorites, China’s best coastal photography site. For its beautiful and charming hills and sea scenery, renowned liberal arts, Dongtou features unique islands, attractive reefs, excellent beach, delicious fish and good environment, which has been praised by Wang Buxiao, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, that “there is another Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring at the sea in Dongtou, so even a short-term living here makes you feel like an immortal”. Banping Mountain, known as “the First Sea Screen in China”, is very magnificent and steep! Wanghailou, owning 1500 years’ history, was praised as “the First Building honored in southeast China with the impressive momentum reaching as far as three thousands li in ancient Wu and Yue”. With the combination of sea tours, sea sports, sea experience and marine culture, Dongtou together with Yandang Mountain and Nanxi River constitutes “A Golden Triangle of Tourism” of the mountain - river – sea in Wenzhou.

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Xiandie Rocks RMB 30, Wanghailou RMB 30, Dashaao Beach RMB 30, Banping Mountain RMB 13, Haixia Military Theme Park RMB 20.


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Dongtou District, Zhejiang Province


Route 1: From Wenzhou via Lingni Levee to Dongtou district

Route 2: At Maxing Pier, you can take a ship to Dongtou

3. Self-driving Routes: If you come from Shanghai, Suzhou or Jiaxing,, you should first drive on the Zhajiasu expressway, cross the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and then transfer to Ningbo direction by the Ningbo beltway, finally on the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway to the Exit of East Wenzhou.

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