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Interpretations of the “Report on the Work of the Government”
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Boosting Confidence in Development, Accelerating Pace of Transformation, and Pushing Forward Construction of “San-Sheng Fusion: Happy Wenzhou” with All Strength

—— Interpretations of the “Report on the Work of the Government”

Part I.Looking back at 2012

The year of 2012 witnessed a fairly hard time both in domestic and international economic growth. Meantime, the year 2012 also saw difficulties being overcome and transformation being pushed forward with great efforts in Wenzhou.

Six Achievements

I)Increasingly improved supporting conditions for development

Highlights:The growth rate of investment in fixed assets in Wenzhou topped the list in Zhejiang Province

In 2012, the investment in fixed assets totaled 235.7 billion yuan,growing by 34.6%. The investment rate reached 64.6%, and the growth rate ranked first in Zhejiang for two consecutive years. The construction of Oujiang River-Feiyunjiang River Project commenced, the city railway construction was approved by the State Council, the construction of projects including the Southwest Line of Express City Beltway, the Extension Line of the Zhuji-Wenzhou Expressway, and the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway Capacity Expansion was sped up, projects including the freeway in the west section of Ouhai Avenue, Qidu Bridge and New Feiyunjiang River Bridge were completed. The amount of investment in three municipal functional areas, namely, the Oujiang Estuary New Development Zone, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Wenzhou Ecological Area doubled on year-on-year basis.

(II)Taking new strides in transform and upgrading of industrial sectors

Highlights:Industrial investment growth in Wenzhou topped the list in Zhejiang Province

We promulgated the “1+X” policy to revitalize real economy and ten initiatives for “supporting industry and revitalizing trade” in Wenzhou, helped businesses solve more than 3,400 problems, and aided enterprises to save money worth 4.2 billion yuan. The accumulative use of the governmental emergency lending totaled 16 billion. The industrial investment grew by 42%,ranking the first in Zhejiang Province. The High-tech Industrial Park was upgraded to a national-level high-tech industrial park, and the National University Science Park was approved. We established 18 new provincial R & D research centers and new technology incubator covering an area of 216,000 square meters. We started to create a national model city of quality, and built a national financial equipment quality inspection center. Wenzhou was named one of China’s National IPR Model Cities (the 1st batch), and listed as one of China’s National Smart Travel Pilot Cities (the 1st batch). We achieved 114,000 mu of grain production functional area and the late rice output reached a new record.

(III)Firmly advancing changing Wenzhou into a Metropolis under the framework of “1650”

Highlights:Park green area per capita is up to 13 square meters

We demolished illegal construction area of 29.27 million square meters and outdoor advertising area of 178,000 square meters,completed afforestation of 1.63 million mu, built 20 forest parks and city greenway of 1000 kilometers; six hill parks and thirty six waterfront parks in the urban area were opened to the public free of charge, and the park green area per capita is now up to 13 square meters. We started the upgrading of “the run-down areas in the city” with 5.96 million square meters of housing units under construction. We implemented the rural housing clustering reconstruction of 30.69 million square meters, increasing the clustering rate by 6.2%. We completed the environmental improvement for 440 villages pending remediation. We implemented the “Five Projects” for water source conservation of Shanxi Water Conservancy Project. Wenzhou won the title of Zhejiang provincial environmental protection model city and Dongtou County was awarded a national ecological county in China.

(IV)Making new achievements in reform and opening up

Highlights:Comprehensive financial reform pilot zone was granted

The building of comprehensive financial reform pilot zone got off with a good start: we set up Wenzhou Local Monetary Authority, four private lending service centers, four private capital management firms, twenty six small loan companies, and completed the joint-stock reform for two cultural cooperative financial institutions. A number of factor markets including Wenzhou Financial Reform Square were opened to business. The debt issuance in 2012 totaled 12.27 billion yuan, and four companies headquartered in Wenzhou were listed in the stock market. We started financial reforms in rural areas. Liushi, Tangxia and Qiaotou were listed among China’s national development and reform pilot small towns (the 3rd batch). Wenzhou Airport was upgraded to an international airport, and nonstop passenger flight route to Taiwan and international routes to South Korea and Thailand were opened.

(V)Continuously improving social development and ensuring the wellbeing of the people

Highlights:Government’s spending on the people’s wellbeing increased by 8%

The government’s spending on the people’s wellbeing totaled 29.58 billion yuan,growing at the rate of 8%. We completed the construction of 6391 government-subsided housing units. Eight hundred sixty nine thousand (869,000)  people were newly covered by five insurance schemes,the per capita funding level of the new type rural cooperative medical care system is up to 515 yuan. The network of home care service centers has covered all urban communities and 30% rural communities. We established 148 provincial compulsory standardized schools and 109 graded kindergartens. Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) started its construction and completed its first enrollment. Wenzhou City University was established. Wenzhou Cultural Creative Industries Park went into operation. TV series “A Family of Wenzhounese” was widely acclaimed. Wenzhou won the title of “Renowned Dragon Boating City in China”. The first stage construction of the Olympic Stadium started. We built a total length of 438 kilometers of hiking trail for fitness. Wenzhou was listed as one of the national pilot cities introducing social capital in the medical service sectors. The new area of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University started to treat patients. We completed the integration of urban and rural bus systems and put in use the Lucheng public bicycle system. “Five Service Centers” were completed in 92% of all communities.

(VI)Strengthening governance and self-improvement of the government

Highlights: Five hundred and nine items requiring review and approval by government bodies were decentralized by the municipal and county governments

Five hundred and nine items requiring review and approval by government bodies were decentralized by the municipal and county governments. The municipal government eliminated or streamlined 780 items requiring review and approval to result in concentration rate at 92%. We completed the integration of administrative service hotlines and realized the “government accessible at one telephone number”. We carried out the pilot online publication of administrative penalties. We deepened the creation of “Five-type Government” (that is, a learning-based, creative, service-oriented, hard-working and thrifty, and united government), and implemented the performance assessment of all. We completed the official car reform at the municipal authorities, and carried out the official hospitality system of “Three Strict implementations and Four Bans” ( that is, the strict implementation of working lunch system, the strict implementation of official card consumption system, the strict implementation of the report and publicity system;the ban on drinking wine in lunch, the ban on official hospitality offered to those from the same city, the ban on extravagant hospitality, the ban on overspending), and strictly managed the overseas trips for official purposes by civil servants.

Part II. Comparison of Economic Development Data in 2012 and 2013

The year of 2013 is the first year for fully carrying out the guiding principles of the Party’s Eighteenth National Congress, and also a crucial year for carrying on the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Viewed from all aspects, the overall macroeconomic environment will be better than that of last year. There are many favorable conditions and positive factors for economic and social development, in particular, the in-depth implementation of the four national strategic initiatives including the strategic initiatives of the “Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone Development” and the “Zhejiang Ocean Economic Development Demonstration  Zone”, and the strategic initiatives of “the national rural reform pilot zone and the comprehensive financial reform pilot zone” provides Wenzhou with a historic opportunity to accelerate its transformation and restructuring for development. Meanwhile, the world economic recovery is sluggish and tortuous, and domestic economic and social development is facing some new situations and new changes. As a result, Wenzhou, like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, is at the sink-or-swim critical point of transformation. We need further enhance our awareness of opportunities and sense of urgency, to strengthen the confidence in development, to accelerate the pace of transformation,to promote the construction of “San-sheng Fusion· Happy Wenzhou” (integration of production, livelihood and ecology in building a happy Wenzhou) with all efforts, and to present the people of the city a satisfactory answer.

Part III.Outlook for 2013  

General Requirements are:

nFollowing the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development;

nThoroughly and fully implementing the guiding principles of the Eighteenth Party Congress, the Central Economic Work Conference, the Second Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Zhejiang, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in Wenzhou;

nTaking the building of “San-sheng Fusion· Happy Wenzhou” as the major task,going on making efforts to attract investment and increase effective input, accelerating industrial transformation and revitalization of the real economy, vigorously promoting overall urban-rural development and environmental preservation, deepening reform and opening up, implementing the strategy of making development more innovation-driven, attaching more importance to improving the people’s wellbeing and social harmony, comprehensively promoting the building of Wenzhou into a metropolis and producing a new look in the transformation of Wenzhou.

Eight Tasks

(I)Enhancing support for major projects and promoting sustained and rapid growth of investment

Key words: [major projects]

We should ensure the total investment in the fixed assets exceed 300 billion yuan and strive for 335 billion yuan. We should plan the construction of the regional integrated transportation hubs and successfully implement projects including the Wenzhou Section of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway (Zhejiang Coastal Expressway), the southwest line of Express City Beltway, the extension line of Zhuji-Wenzhou Expressway, the west through-traffic line of 104 National Highway, the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway capacity expansion, the city railway S1 line, T2 terminal and airfield expansion of Wenzhou Airport, the Oujiang River Southern Mouth Bridge, and make more efforts to implement projects including the second stage construction of the northern line of Express City Beltway, Ruian-Wencheng-Taishun Expressway, the city railway S2 line, the Oujiang River Northern Mouth Bridge, and the Beica Bridge on Qidu Island. We should reclaim 193,000 mu of land from the sea. We should build the Lishui 36-1 gas field land terminal, and finish the first stage construction of Cangnan Power Plant, the China Resources, with annual production capacity of 3 million KVA and operational capacity of 3 million KVA.

(II)Vigorously developing the real economy and accelerating transformand upgrading of industrial sectors

Key words: [real economy]

We should promote the industrial cluster development. We should support Yueqing in its construction of “Strong Industrial County in Zhejiang Province”. We should enhance the development of the laser and optoelectronics industry clusters and the electric car industry, and transform and upgrade the electrical appliances, automobile and motorcycle parts, valves, footwear and other industries with local advantages. We should try out the policy of differentiated urban land use tax to improve production efficiency. We should strive to introduce more than twenty major industrial projects of investment over 500 million yuan, kick off the construction of those three hundred projects that have not started the land use. We should implement the “100-Project/10 Billion Yuan” technological transformation plan, complete industrial land transfer of 10,000 mu, realize industrial park investment of 90 billion yuan including projects with limit industrial investment totaling 57 billion yuan. We should build extra one hundred enterprises with annual output valuing over 100 million yuan, three hundred small and micro enterprises and four thousand individual household-turned enterprises. We should start the relocation, reform, merger and transformation of traditional markets and the construction of featured commercial building blocks. We should speed up the development of marine economy and build seven standard fishing ports. We should complete grain production functional area of 130,000 mu and sixty modern agricultural parks.

(III)Accelerating the pace of new urbanization and helping convert Wenzhou into a metropolis under the framework of “1650”

Key words: [new urbanization]

We should start the construction of the Oujiang Riverside Business District in full swing, and promote the development of three areas including the Qidu Island of Lucheng District, Liushi-Baishi area of Yueqing City and the Sanjiang area of Yongjia County across the Ou Jiang River to accelerate the rise of riverbank area. We should upgrade the developmental level of the central area of Longwan District, strengthen the integration of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone; accelerate the process of “Oujiang-Dongtou Integration” to promote the eastward expansion of Wenzhou. We should speed up the construction of the central area of Ouhai District; proceed the combined development of Yangyi-Linli area and Tengqiao, Zeya urban ecological areas to upgrade the western Wenzhou area. We should strengthen the relocation of villages inside the Wenzhou Ecological Park and the construction of Wetland Park, and carry out the development projects around Daluo Mountain. We should strengthen the “one bay-five areas” of Yueqing and cross-Feiyun Jiang River planning and construction. We should speed up the construction of three bridges over Aojiang River and make progress in the overall development of the central town in the Aojiang River basin. We should help (to) convert Wencheng and Taishun into ecological towns.

(IV)Deepening reform and opening up and enhancing development momentum and vitality

Key words: [financial reform, three-changes and three-reforms]

We should carefully organize and implement the “The Implementation Plan for Wenzhou Comprehensive Financial Reform Pilot Zone”. We should actively seek to include the administrative measures on private financing in the legislation plan of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, and release “Wenzhou Index” in real time. We should complete the joint-stock reform of the rural cooperative financial cooperatives, establish financing service platforms including the small and micro enterprises re-guarantee center, the small and medium-sized enterprises bill financing service firm, and encourage banks to set up specialized institutions for small and micro enterprises. We should allow the financial factor markets to continue growing and become stronger, carry out equity and property transaction pilot programs, complete joint-stock restructuring of three hundred small and medium-sized enterprises, and list additional five enterprises on the stock market. The annual issuance of bond should be above 10 billion yuan in value. We should steadily push forward the rural financial reform and strive to get the approval of carrying out the pilot program of individual foreign direct investment in Wenzhou.

We should deepen the “three-changes and three-reforms” to carry out the review of joint-stock reform and land reform and basically complete the household reform tasks. We should increase rural land transfer by more than 100,000 mu and one hundred villages of total rural land transfer. We should increase forest land transfer by more than 50,000 mu and one hundred rural villages of total forest land transfer. We should implement “Four-in-One” policy to increase the rate of rural housing unit clustering reconstruction by 5% or more.

(V)Strengthening ecological improvement and environment protection and striving to build “Beautiful Wenzhou”

Key words: [Cleaning, Afforestation and Beautification of Road Side, Railway Side, River Side and Mountain Side]

We shall be starting to build forty forest parks, and shall have completed the construction of four urban hill parks, eighty three waterfront parks, additional urban green land of 2,257 hectares, and city green road of 1,600 kilometers,and shall be succeeding in building Wenzhou as one of the provincial level forest cities and garden cities. We should carry out the action of “Cleaning, Afforestation and Beautification of Road Side, Railway Side, River Side and Mountain Side”. We should ensure the urban household garbage safety disposal rate at 100%;build fifty sewage treatment programs and sewage lines of 190 kilometers,realize the management of “one network for the whole city” and the urban sewage disposal rate at 90%. We shall be implementing the “Five Projects” for water source conservation of Shanxi Water Conservancy Project, and shall have accomplished the target of livestock reduction by the end of this year. We shall have completed the sewage pipe network construction of 10 areas along the Wenruitang River and treatment of 16 sixteen heavily polluted river channels. We shall be carrying out the special project of “Quiet City”.

(VI)Putting great efforts into developing the cultural sectors and promoting cultural soft power

Key words: [culture benefitting the people]

We should plan the Sinology Center, Six-Art Gallery, Cultural Heritage Museum and other cultural projects, and accelerate the construction of Wenzhou City Cultural Arts Building. The county-level museums, libraries, and cultural centers should comprehensively meet the standards. Private investment in museum, library and other cultural facilities is encouraged. We should carry out the building of “grass-roots cultural year” and host folk cultural festivals in eight traditional holidays in the four seasons of the year. We should accelerate the implementation of projects including Wenzhou Cultural Creative Industries Park, Naxijiang River Cultural Park, and Taishun Stone Art Creative Park. We should speed up the protective development of historical and cultural blocks, and strengthen the remediation and protection of ancient villages, historical sites and key cultural relics. We should in-depth explore the “Ou” culture, protect and develop the traditional arts and craft of “Two Ous and Two Carvings” and put greater efforts in the study and exploration of southern opera (a local classical opera in South China, in particular, Wenzhou). We should carry out activities in commemoration of the 1,300th anniversary of the Parinirvana of Master Yongjia. We should actively promote the return of treasures to Wenzhou for the continuation of the city culture.

(VII)Vigorously developing social undertakings and effectively ensuring and improving the people’s wellbeing

Key words: [social security network]

We should improve the “social security network” system. We should create more than 80,000 new jobs. We should complete the turnkey housing units of 4,000 for urban resettlers. We should increase the supply of ordinary commercial housing units. We should raise the basic pensions for landless farmers in the urban area and fully implement the medical insurance integrated system for rural and urban residents. We should expand the functions of the citizen card. We should support the development of charity course. We aim to create Wenzhou as a provincial City of Loving and Helping the Handicapped. The coverage of home care service centers in rural community should be up to 50%. We should build a number of environmentally friendly public cemeteries.

(VIII)Reinforcing creative social management and maintaining social harmony and stability

Key words: [happy community]

We should promote the interactive development of communities, associations and social workers, and deepen the creation of “happy community”. We should guide social organizations to participate in social management services and increase the number of registered associations by 30% or more. We should promote the building of full-time social workers and volunteers, raise the level of social services and increase the number of professional social workers by 1,500 people.

Part IV.   Abbreviations and Terms

■“Two Ocean-related Strategic Initiatives and Two Reform-related Strategic Initiatives”: “Two Ocean-related Strategic Initiatives” refer to the strategic initiatives of the “Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone Development” and the “Zhejiang Ocean Economic Development Demonstration Zone”; “Two Ocean-related Strategic Initiatives” refer to the strategic initiatives of “the national rural reform pilot zone and the comprehensive financial reform pilot zone”.

■Agriculture “Two Areas”: the grain production functional area and modern agricultural park

■Community “Five Service Centers”: the community convenient service center, the community comprehensive service center(including community police station), community cultural and sports service centers, community health service center, and community center for senior citizens.

■The official hospitality system of “Three Strict implementations and Four Bans”: the strict implementation of working lunch system, the strict implementation of official card consumption system, the strict implementation of the report and publicity system; the ban on drinking wine in lunch, the ban on official hospitality offered to those from the same city, the ban on extravagant hospitality, the ban on overspending)

■“Four Inspections” forced accountability: “any problem relating to review and approval reflected by our administrative service recipient should be investigated”, “any delay in the implementation of investment project” should be inspected, “any withdrawal of investment from Wenzhou by the investor” should be checked for accountability of governmental officials, and the periodical checks of the review and approval services of investment promotion projects.

■“1+4”tourism functional areas: the tourism functional areas of Mount Yandang in Yueqing-Nanxijiang River in Yongjia, the Beigang in Pingyang, Dongquan (Radon Spring)-Covered Bridge in Taishun, and Baizhangji(waterfall)-Feiyun Lake in Wencheng.

■“Blue Sea Project”: by artificial filling with sand, natural water purification and other measures, it is to build urban beach(city park)and high-end commercial facilities, and marine recreational programs integrating tourism leisure, business services and office development as well as other functions.

■“One Bay-Five Areas”: it is the layout of regional development of Yueqing City, referring to the layout of five major areas including Liushi New District (Liushi-Baixiang New Town), the Economic Development Zone, Binhai (coastal) New Area, the Yueqing Bay Area, and the Mount Yandang tourism area along the 136-kilometer coast line of Yueqing.

■“Five Poverty-relief” initiatives: relocation of residents living on hills, the industrial, financial, social and talent poverty relief efforts.

■“Four-in-One” policy: the integration and unification of policies relating to transformation of run-down areas in the city, rural village transformation, clustering reconstruction of rural housing units and expropriation of urban housing units.

■Maritime space “through-train” policy: the building process can get started upon getting the certificate of right to use the sea areas, thus shortening the review and approval process, saving time and administrative costs to achieve the “through-train” effect.

■ “Visa on arrival” for Taiwan residents at Wenzhou Airport: Taiwanese residents entering the mainland at the airport, if without prior valid “Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents” or valid endorsement, can apply for their visas at the Visa Office of the Wenzhou Airport.

■“3-100%”: by the end of 2012, the coverage rate of centralized collection of garbage in administrative villages should be 100%,by the end of 2013, the garbage innocuity disposal rate should be 100%,and the urban sewage treatment rate should be 100%.

■“Quiet City” special project: the thorough investigation of noise nuisance behaviors generated by the industrial, entertainment and dining sectors, the promotion of the construction of low-noise road surface and noise reduction facilities, the strengthening of noise supervisory monitoring of urban main roads and areas, the building of areas up to the noise standards and “quiet community”, and the improvement of regional environmental noise control.

■“Two Ous and Two Carvings”: Ou kiln, Ou color emboss, stone carvings and wood carvings.

■ Huaqiao (Overseas Chinese) University and so on: Huaqiao University, based on the Oujiang College of Wenzhou University, will be established by Wenzhou University in collaboration with Ruian Municipal Government;Business School will be established by the Council of China Entrepreneurs Forum (Yabuli); the Sports and Arts Vocational College based on Wenzhou Sports School will be jointly established by the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Sports Bureau; the Security Vocational College based on Wenzhou Police Academy will be jointly established by the Municipal Government of Wenzhou and the provincial Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang.

■“San-she”: communities, associations and social workers

Part V.  Ten Projects for the People’s Wellbeing in 2013

1.Housing Improvement Project: to complete the turnkey housing units of 4,000 for urban resettlers

2.Traffic Improvement Project: to establish 5,000 public parking plots, and 240 additional public bicycle depots

3.Landscape Greening Project: to start the construction of 10 hill parks including Niushan and Fenghuangshan hill parks and city green road totaling 1,600 kilometers

4.Education and Healthcare Upgrading Project: to provide 60,000 women in rural area with Cervical cancer and breast cancer inspection services free of charge

5.Culture, Sports and Leisure Project: to open sports facilities of additional 30 schools in the urban area to the public

6.Social Security and Relief Project: to establish 150 additional citizen card charge booths in the urban area

7.Employment and Job-creation Project: to create 80,000 jobs for urban residents and to achieve the induction training rate of new residents working in enterprises above 90%

8.Public Security and Peace Maintenance Project: to install additional 6,500 surveillance cameras for monitoring social order

9.Food Safety and Supervision Project: to renovate and upgrade 20 grocery (farm produce) markets and to establish food rapid qualitative testing rooms in all markets with more than 200 stalls

10.Humanistic Care Project: to establish additional 4,000 pension beds, and 50 community help-meal centers for senior citizens.

Part VI.  Improving the quality and efficiency of government work

At present, Wenzhou is at the critical period of transformation and leapfrog development. With heavy obligations on their shoulders, all government officials should have a more energetic and promising state of mind, work vigorously, resolutely and diligently to promote the development of Wenzhou to a new high by quality and efficient government work.

■ We need to change working style and optimize our services. Efforts should be made to overcome formalism, bureaucracy, and vigorously improve meeting and official documentation styles to save more time for research and investigation to promote our work. We need to fully implement our service commitments, responsibility of first inquiry, completion in required time and other systems to prevent buck-passing and ensure priority given to urgent matters, rapid disposal of important matters and special handling of special matters.

■We need to overcome difficulties and strengthen implementation. We should continuously carry out 7 actions to overcome difficulties to address outstanding problems in project construction, land development and urban and rural environment preservation. We need to improve government performance management, implement quantitative assessment, and strengthen process control to ensure proper progress by time limit and responsibility by target.

■ We need to carry out decentralization of administrative power and improve performance. We should vigorously promote the integration and process reengineering of internal organs and departments of the municipal government agencies. By upholding the principle of matter-oriented allocation of personnel, finances and power, we need to straighten the management system of central towns and functional areas, strengthen the administrative capacities of grassroots government, and effectively realize “Five-whatever”.

 ■ We should promote law-based administration and clean government. We should make the government affairs more transparent. We should firmly establish the thought of “thrift”, solidify and deepen the reform of systems relating to official hospitality, official cars and overseas trips with official purposes. We need to practice austerity, oppose extravagance and waste, and strictly control regular expenditures. We should perfect the system for punishing and preventing corruption, increase the intensity in controlling corruption at source, and resolutely investigate and deal with discipline violations to create the clean, honest, fair and equitable environment for development.

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