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Wood movable-type printing
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Ruian wood movable-type printing,is the unparalleled wood movable-type printing keeping and using one in our county, and can be regarded as living fossil of printing lead. Process the exceptional history value, and the best evidence that the movable-type printing was coming from our country. It mainly distributed in the south-west of Wenzhou Ruian Zhejiang Province.
Dongyuan wood movable-type printing basic producing procedure: start working (interview),---clear(arrange paper) — words examination —type setting—check—printing—rolling—designated branch—fill words—color separation—draft—spectrum cutting—wiring—cover—binding. At ordinary time, do the basic jobs of material collecting, make character die, writing (contrary word shape), inscribing. Use good Tangli Wood, after wet by the rain and burnt by the sun then make character die, carving to the Song typeface and produce some wood letter ready for setting.

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