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Ou embroidery
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Ou embroidery another name is scroll painting, local and traditional art, came from area of Ou jiang River. The producer raze the green skin of bamboo, by slicing and splitting, cook thoroughly and  reel off raw silk, then weave a bamboo curtain splint, use pigment or color lines to make artists of flower, bird, landscape, figure etc. With Xiang, Shu, Shu, embroidery combined to be the Four most famous embroideries of our country. It is aslo one of the “ Three carving one embroideries” sepecial articles which were developed from Chinese traditional embroidery.  

The most important feature of Ou embroidery is it’s abundant stitches, and fine workmanship. For example, the eagle of “Painting of Pine and Eagle” adopts feston stitch, cut stitch, flat stitch etc. about 10 kinds of stitch, and also adopts many different texture, size and color lines. Concise composition, distinct stitching, bright colors, gentle feather of animals, the characteristic is “clear subject, concise composition, bright colors and distinct stitching”.

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