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Ou Molding
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Ou Molding, commonly known as color clay molding, or color relief, is a unique folk art in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. With a finely ground mixture of China wood oil and clay as raw materials, the art is effected by a technique of embossing. The art originated in the Han Dynasty (206B.C.-220A.D.), evolving from the lacquer-embossing technique in lacquerware making. The product from the art features application of numerous techniques, multiple colors, extensive motifs and unrestricted size. Ou Molding was mostly applied to decorating buildings, doors and walls in temples, as well as such wedding supplies as dressing boxes, furniture and lacquerware in the past, and is to architectural reliefs, murals, decorative patterns, and artistic pendants nowadays as well. Ou Molding is generally accepted as a famous and distinctive art in Zhejiang Province”.

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