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Ou Embroidery
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Ou Embroidery is a traditional local craft in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It originated in areas along the Oujiang River, hence the name. Developing out of the need to decorate household items, it has been applied mostly to gods-honoring  parades, opera costumes and wedding supplies. Embroideries in early times included robes, opera costumes, birthday scrolls for seniors, and later such patterns as scenery, people, beasts and calligraphy. They are extremely beautiful and highly decorative. One of the strong features of Ou Embroidery is diversified stitching methods and fine workmanship. On an embroidery entitled Pine and Eagle, a dozen of different stitches, such as shell stitch, streak stitch and running stitch, can be found on the eagle alone; in addition, threads of different textures, thickness and colores are used in combination. Ou Embroideries are characterized by simple pattern, rich textures, multiple variety of stitches, smooth and lustrous embroidered surface, bright and balanced colors, thus highly decorative and local. The resultant people, animals or vegetation are all lifelike.

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