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Carved Puppet Head
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Taishun Carved Puppet Head is made of wood of camphor trees or other foliage trees with fine texture. A device is hidden inside the puppet to control by threads the movements of its eyes, nose, mouth and tongue. Wide at the upper part and narrow at the lower part, the puppet’s neck is connected by two threads with its body called “abdominal cage”. The body is woven with bamboo strips, with its chest and hips slightly wider than waist. Traditionally, color powder is used for makeup on a puppet head, but in the late 1950s, oil paint began to be applied instead, as it is easier to handle and looks better in performance. To adapt to the modern stage lighting effects, a special formula of oil paint is developed to enable more vivid and lifelike appearance of the puppet head. However, the color power makeup, once a unique technique, cannot thus be denied and is still artistically valuable nowadays to collectors as its effects can remain unchanged well over a century.

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