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Ramie-Lined Lacquerware
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Cangnan Ramie-lined lacquerware, also known as bodiless lacquerware, is one of China’s traditional lacquerware varieties. The unique techniques for the lacquerware, deriving from China’s outstanding lacquering culture, gives it a strong local feature and wide popularity overseas. Lacquerware can be divided into two types, in terms of the techniques applied. One is bodiless lacquerware. It starts with a body of clay, plaster or other materials. Ramie cloth or silk is pasted onto it, layer after layer, with lacquer as adhesive. The original body is removed after the outer cloth shell has dried in the shade. It is then puttied, smoothed, coated with layers of lacquer, finely grinded and polished. After being carved with decorative patterns, it becomes lustrous and beautiful in color. The other type involves a body of wood or other hard materials. Lacquer is coated on the body without being removed later.

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