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Opera Player Parade at Puqi
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In Puqi of Yueqing, a satellite city of Wenzhou, there is a folk activity called “PuqiTaige” to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The activity is mainly a parade of children who play roles of widely-known traditional Chinese operas, such as “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea” , “Heavenly Maids Scattering Flowers” , etc. Specifically, at least 3-7 children with heavy makeup and in ancient costumes stand on the upper part (supports in the shapes of shoulders, hands, spears or swords, etc.) of a decorated rack, which is carried by adult villagers for parade. The activity has a history of over 600 years. Occasionally, it can also happen at a traditional fair in the 9th lunar month. There goes a saying describing the children performers like this: “viewed from a distance, they seem to be immortals on drifting clouds and near, heroes of famous traditional Chinese operas but a closer look reveals that they are actually Puqi locals”.

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