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Traditional customs of spring festival of Wenzhou
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1. “Winter festival” eat Tangyuan

Dongzhi also named “winter festival”, this morning, every family eat Tangyuan or Mazi. Eat Mazi, Tangyuan means reunion and happiness, folk saying“eat glue pudding, grow one age”.

2. Bask soy meat and dried eel

Wenzhou people start to bask soy meat and dried eel in lunar November. Put pork, chicken and duck meat in the soy and bask them to eat, have a distinctive flavor.
3. Smash rice cake

It also named “Dao sugar cake”. The glutinous rice steamed and smashing to be cake, then put in press plates of different shapes, various cake shapes of peony, flat peach, god of fortune, Zhuangyuan, and carp, kylin means step up year by year.

4. Hold a memorial ceremony for the kitchen god

Lunar 24 December, every family will worship the kitchen god. It is said that in this day the kitchen god report to the jade emperor about the people’s contributions, and if the edacity kitchen god have sugar to eat, his won’t tell the bad new to him, so the ceremony won’t lack of sugar.
5. Spring-clean

About lunar 24 December, every family starts the spring-clean, and ready for the spring festival.

6. Putting up the spring scrolls

In the spring eve, every family will stick the spring scrolls in the doors, windows, popular named “Mendui”. Sticking the four words in the door head, named “hengPi”, sticking the “Daji” words in the door. Sticking the spring scrolls in house, and fences of pig, sheep, cow. The content is mostly about praying for luck and safe and heavy crops.

7. Family reunion dinner

Wenzhou people are fastidious about the family reunion dinner. In the past, there were ten cinnabar bowls to hold ten cold dishes means prefect. Besides Chicken, meat, there are peanuts (birth), orange (lucky), carp (pass civil examinations successfully), tofu ( house cleaning) etc. Every dishes should have a round carrots slice in the head means luck.
8. banger

Dawn in the Spring Festival, the first thing every family should do is to set off firecrackers, the whole city firecrackers symbolize usher out the parting guest and welcome in the new one, also named “ Jienian”. 

9. Pay New Year visits

In the morning of spring festival, the young worship the older. Since the second day people can go the relative’s home to pay a New Year call.

10 wear the new clothes

In the beginning of new years, people wear new clothes, it means usher out the parting guest and welcome in the new. Red represent luck, children, women wear red clothes, even the old women wear red skirts.

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