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Chashan Bayberry
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Chanshan Bayberry has more than 500 years of cultivate history, and is famous for it’s outstanding quality. 
Chashan Bayberry have more than 10 kind of varieties such as Dingao bayberry, Dongkui bayberry, Biqi bayberry, and Wandao bayberry, whereby Dingao bayberry is the best, high output large rounded fruit shape, the color is purple and bright, green base, Pick with petiole, so it have a name of red plate green petiole. With small nuclear, flesh juicy, delicious, and is welcomed by home and abroad. Dingao bayberry was one of precious bayberry species of our province, was named Tropical Fruits, in 1997, at the fifth national seminar on Bayberry Research Society, the quality was ranked as the first in the country.

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