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Yummy Duck Tongue
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Duck tongue adopts dried duck tongue as raw material which is steamed together with soy sauce, sugar, Shaoxing wine and other spices. The Duck Tongue thus produced boasts fresh meat, and tastes tough yet soft as well. In Wenzhou dialect, since the Chinese character for “tongue” shares the same pronunciation of the character for “loss”, so Duck Tongue is also known as “Duck Win” (means profit-making). Wenzhou Duck Tongue is salted and semi-dried by natural wind in the air. When you chew it, you will find it resilient and quite chewy as well.

Well-known brands for Wenzhou Duck Tongue include: Chuxu, Xiuwen, Tengqiao, Shuangkang, Pilipala Crackling and many other well-known brands

Chuxu Duck Tongue: Head office in Washi Lane, Wenzhou City

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